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  1. The little dog's name was Scratch. It was a small black-and-white shorthaired terrier.
  2. The town's name was Lexington.
  3. According to the side of his truck, Cully sold coal and oil, although we never saw him do so. Presumably he did so in the winter, and we didn't see a great deal of winter episodes.
  4. Corey's partner in "The Disappearance" was Tom Baldwin. His wife, to add another trivia fact, was named Jeannie.
  5. Gramps' favorite insult was "Pusillanimous polecat[s]."
  6. Jeff's father's name was John and he was killed in battle in World War II.
  7. Pokey's AKC registered name was Pokerman III.
  8. Hank was played by Clyde Howdy. His character lasted only a season and a half.
  9. Domino was Jeff's colt, Melody was Willie Brewster's goose, Bessie was the Martin cow, and Midnight was the Holdens' black stallion. The Miller cow was Daisy.
  10. All these dogs were named "Duke." The couple that owned the collie Duke was named Pearson.
  11. Roy Campanella coached Timmy's baseball team not long after the accident that paralyzed him.
  12. The Lone Ranger—and Silver—are the heads of the Peace Patrol.
  13. Leave It to Beaver regulars appearing on Lassie were Hugh Beaumont ("The Well" and "Cradle of the Deep"), Tony Dow ("Hanford's Point"), and Jerry Mathers ("Lassie and the 4-H Boys"). (In addition, series semi-regulars Richard (Richard Correll) and Gilbert (Stephen Talbot) both appeared as a character named Steve in the Timmy episodes, and Eddie Haskell himself, Ken Osmond, appeared in several different episodes, including "The Rival." In all but his last appearance, Osmond played an annoying twerp just like Eddie.)
  14. Ellen played the organ and also sang in church.
  15. Little Lena was a baby elephant, Casey was a chimpanzee, Blackie was Cully Wilson's pet crow, and Melonhead was a raccoon.
  16. The fence in the Jeff episodes is four barred; the one with Timmy three barred.
  17. The base stations were invariably KMB, followed by three numbers, usually beginning with 7. KBM 777 was the most common, but 771 and 774 were also used.
  18. Bob and Scott called themselves "Lassie's godfathers."
  19. Timmy belonged to both 4H and the Cub Scouts. (I believe he was also a member of a junior version of Future Farmers of America.)
  20. Ruth's father and Corey's father were both forest rangers.
  21. Porky's mother was named Birdie. You mostly heard Ellen talk to her on the phone.
  22. Lassie visits Williamsburg, Virginia, in part 3 of "Lassie the Voyager" and New Orleans in part 7.
  23. Clay Horton was played by Richard Garland. Jenny (we never did find out her last name) was played by Florence Lake. Mark Miranda played Neeka Chalmers, and Lucy Baker was portrayed by Pamelyn Ferdin.
  24. His real name was "Spike," but if you refer to him as "Old Yeller," it's okay. It was his most famous role. "Spike" was "discovered," to use the Hollywood term, at an animal shelter.
  25. Take your pick, and I've probably missed some: Trevor Bardette (Joe King and Sam Burke), Eddy Waller (Henry Enders and Matt Krebs, and he also plays Casey the chimp's owner), Lloyd Corrigan (the sculptor in "Yochim's Christmas" and Mr. Nicholson in "Lassie's Gift of Love"), Andy Clyde (Cully Wilson and Ben Adams in "Just One Old Cow"), Don Beddoe (Pokey's original owner and Mr. Cuppy the iceman).

              BONUS: Jeff and Porky used to yell "EE-YAW-KEE!" to each other in greeting. It is, in fact, the last thing Jeff says to Porky as the Millers drive away in "Transition."

              DOUBLE BONUS: Her first name is Amy.

              CHRISTMAS BONUS: This is a trick question. Cully never appeared in any of the Christmas stories. In "Yochim's Christmas," though, it's mentioned there's a gift for him under the tree.


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