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I never intended to keep many links on this site, as they become outdated quickly. However, Sharon Turner, a regular correspondent on the mailing list, has found so many intriguing websites I wanted to include them. Since I don't have time to "patrol" what's linked here, if you see an outdated link, please pass me an e-mail so I can delete or revise it. Thanks in advance! And many, many thanks to Sharon.

General Links

Bob Weatherwax
Lassie at the Internet Movie Database
Chelsea Collies Lassie Page
History of the Lassie Series from Chuck's Sneaker site's Lassie Site
TV Legends Revealed: Lassie
The 1960s Website: Lassie
Archive of American Television: Lassie with interviews of people who worked behind the scenes on the series
Lassie theme songs: Detailed information about each
"The Sentimental Value of Lassie" by Henry Jenkins
Short BBC article
A German Lassie page with some great screen caps
Reel Classics Lassie page (click on the "Articles" link for three 1940s articles about Lassie)

Lassie Come Home
Eric Knight
Eric Knight as told by his granddaughter Betsy Cowan
"Eric and the Curse of Lassie" from the Halifax Courier
Belief In Dog And Humanity No Far-fetched Philosophy Lassie Come Home 50th Anniversary in the Morning Call
After Author's Death, 'Lassie' Assumed More Lives Of Her Own Lassie Come Home 50th Anniversary in the Morning Call
Down But Quite Not Out in Hollow-Weird, a book of Eric Knight's letters
Lassie Come Home Images on Roddy McDowall Tribute Website

People Associated With Lassie
Yesterland's Jack Wrather Tribute
Remembering Bonita Granville

The Miller Years
Jan Clayton's afterward to a Lassie episode
(starts about 2:09; also Campbell ads and original Lassie theme; not the syndicated version)
Campbell's Soup commercials from Lassie
Richard Lamparski interview of Jan Clayton in 1971

The Martin Years
Jon Provost's Official Web Site
Dogster's Interview With Jon Provost
The Clothing on Lassie (no need to log in; just click cancel)
Lassie sponsor commercials, including June Lockhart for Franco-American macaroni and cheese and Timmy and Lassie advertising a spaghetti bib
Campbell's vegetable soup commercial with Jon Provost and June Lockhart
Campbell's commercials which include one with the whole Lassie cast
Lassie Christmas commercial (follows "Yochim's Christmas," I believe)
Campbell (and other) commercials from "Lassie's Career"

The Later Years
Montana Kids site entry for Robert Bray
Photo of Robert Bray with Lassie
"Lassie's New Master Hopes for Steady Role" newspaper article
"Bray Likes Lassie Role" newspaper article
Inyo National Forest (setting for "In the Midst of Splendor")
Columbia River Gorge (setting for "Ride the Mountain," references the episode)

Some Photos Elsewhere
Jon Provost and Lassie guest starring on Ranger Hal show
Newspaper ad, Lassie at Massachusett's Pleasure Island Park in 1967
Bob Weatherwax and Lassie at Pleasure Island Park
Lassie performs at Pleasure Island 1
Lassie performs at Pleasure Island 2
Lassie performs at Pleasure Island 3
Sculptor Eric Berg's interpretation of Lassie

Lassie on Desilu Playhouse (Real Player file which will open in VLC)
A page about Eric Freiwald's work on The Lone Ranger series
(Freiwald and Robert Schaefer wrote too many Lassie episodes to name;
Lone Ranger was also a Wrather Production)

Campbell's Soup, Lassie's sponsor for 17 years
"Lassie" engraved on a chipset
"Bessy," a Lassie-like German comic taking place in the American West
(click an issue number and then, on the resulting page under the tiny cover pic, pick "Grosses Bild" for a large cover)

Lassie Cartoons
Humans are so obtuse
Is Timmy in trouble? (my favorite)
Lassie texting (nice artwork!)
Humans are obtuse, take 2


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