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I work fairly long hours and spend a lot of spare time on other projects (dull stuff like housecleaning and yardwork, unfortunately!), so if you ask a question, you may not get an immediate answer. Once I get a lot of questions on any one subject, I try to include it on this site. So before you write, check out one of the following pages first—it will probably be a lot quicker than waiting for my reply!:

Looking for Lassie on DVD and video: Check the Movies and Other Media page; these are all the sources I know. DVD fans: supposedly the DVD producers read this site, TV Shows on DVD. You can go to this site and ask for Lassie on DVD.
Questions about performers on the show (Jon Provost, Pam Ferdin, etc.): Whatever Happened to...
Trivia-type "fun facts" for show, like why Lassie is male, what movie Tommy Rettig and Jon Provost appeared together in, etc.: Lassie Facts
More specific questions like Eric Knight vs. Albert Payson Terhune, where the show was filmed, cars on the series, the "missing" Lassie movie, etc: Lassie FAQ
Most everything I'm asked is usually in the FAQ or the Fact page
Specific episode questions (original series): Lassie Episode Guide
Season 1-3 for Jeff, beginning of Season 4 for Jeff and Timmy, late Season 4 through Season 10 for Timmy, Season 11 through 16 for the forest rangers (11-14 for Corey Stuart, 15-16 for Bob Ericson and Scott Turner), Season 17 for Lassie on her own, Seasons 18 and 19 for the syndicated episodes at the Holden Ranch. Information on the other Lassie series is here.
I still can't find an answer/have a comment/correction: Write on!

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